Fresh Mushrooms

Oysters : Pleurotus ostreatus                   $16/lb                    $12/lb               $11/lb ​​

  Under 5 lbs                6-10 lbs                 Over 10 lbs

Oysters are a popular meaty mushroom. They have a nutty, subtle flavor 

Strains offered:

Pink Oyster: Pleurotus djamor
   -this one has a particularly seafood like         flavor when sautéed, and bacon like             flavor when roasted.
Blue Oyster: Pleurotus columbinus
Pearl Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus
Italian Oyster: Pleurotus pulmonarius

Lion's Mane: Hericium erinaceus             $20/lb                  $16/lb                    $15/lb

 Lion's Mane is a culinary treat and incredibly 
 versatile in the kitchen!  It's a fantastic meat
 substitution for many dishes and has a
 sponge-like texture, soaking up the flavors during the cooking process.  It has a flavor slightly reminiscent of crab.

Shiitake: Lentinula Edodes                       $16/lb                    $12/lb                  $10/lb

The shiitake mushroom
has a rich, buttery, meaty flavor


                $20/lb                   $14/lb                   $13/lb

Pioppino AKA black poplar an Italian mushroom and is a favorite among fungi lovers due to its nutty/ pork-like flavor and ability to keep its mushroom shape when cooking.  In addition to amazing flavor, texture, and presentation, it also has a lower water content which yields a longer shelf life.


              $20/lb                    $14/lb                  $13/lb   

Chestnuts have a rich, nutty flavor and are very versatile in the kitchen.  They have a gorgeous presentation and keep their shape when cooking. 

Dried Mushrooms

3 oz packages          Under 10 lbs         Over 10 lbs

Alaskan Chaga




Our Chaga mushrooms are sustainably sourced from the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. The taste of Chaga tea is often said to be an earthy, natural flavor with a hint of vanilla. To make chaga mushroom tea, steep about 1-2 teaspoons of powder in diffuser or tea strainer. Even brew it with your morning coffee to decrease the 'crash' feeling!  Our favorite technique is to use a crockpot on low for about 2-6 hours.  We put several tablespoons in the crockpot and brew enough for the week.

Reishi Powder                                                     $23                         $45/lb                 $40/lb

Lion's Mane Powder




What makes our powders and products different than other companies?​​

We strictly use only the mushroom fruit bodies and never use the mycelium (mushroom root system) in our products.  When a company labels their product ‘full mushroom spectrum’ or ‘contains mycelial biomass and fruit body’, it may not be a very medicinally dense product.  A mushroom and its mycelium are actually made of similar tissue, but with special differences. Mushroom fruit bodies are genetically more complex and have more medicinal properties.